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Retirement Benefits and Investment Management for Business Owners, Independent Contractors & Freelancers

Schedule a consultation with us to help you select a retirement plan, start investing for long-term wealth, and reduce your taxes at the same time.

Save Money on Taxes in a Cost Effective and Efficient Way
Diversify Your Own Retirement Assets
Provide Yourself and Your Team with a Solid Benefits Package

who we serve

Types of Business Owners We Serve

We work with solo entrepreneurs, partnerships, independent contractors, and freelancers to design and implement retirement benefit packages in addition to managing investments for them.

Our core business clients include:

Doctors, dentists, and travel nurses who are independent contractors
Attorneys: solo practitioners or firm partners
Freelancers: writers, designers, web developers, and other creatives

Overwhelmed by where to begin?

You started working for yourself so that you can have more freedom and autonomy to do what you want. You have the freedom to dictate and control every detail of how you work and live your life. With that comes the full responsibility to create your own wealth. And that can be overwhelming.

As a small business owner, are you...

Feeling behind on saving for retirement (aka long-term wealth)?
Overwhelmed about where and how to even begin investing for retirement?
Encountering larger tax bills each year and feel like you’ve exhausted all options to reduce them?
Your employees are demanding more benefits but you’re not sure how to offer it in the most cost effective way?

As retirement plan specialists, we solve all these problems.

still on the fence?

3 Reasons to Start a Retirement Plan

Build long-term wealth by investing in tax efficient accounts
Save money on your personal and business taxes
Attract qualified talent and increase employee retention by offering cost effective retirement benefits for your team

"Working with Capital Benchmark has transformed my business in so many ways. It's one of the best decisions I've made in the past 5 years."


how it works

Here's What You Can Expect from Our Engagement Experience


Design and implement a retirement plan based on your business goals


Onboard you and your team to the retirement plan platform


Monitor and manage the investments for your business


Provide ongoing retirement planning and investment education for you and your team

Take the First Step

Schedule a business consultation and we’ll help you determine what type of retirement plan is best for you to start saving more money for retirement while simultaneously reducing your taxes.

Additional Services Included

Quick accessibility to our expert team for any financial decision
Collaboration and coordination with your tax advisor, CPA, and bookkeeper
Investment review and management
Access to a private client portal to view your portfolio’s performance in real time
Employee financial education
Fiduciary responsibilities
Plan design enhancements

Before you go!

Did you know that you can receive tax deductions, credits, and other tax benefits by starting a retirement plan through your business?