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Can Only the Wealthy Leave a Legacy?

What does leaving a legacy really mean?

We typically talk about leaving a legacy as how you’d like to financially impact your family or be charitable after your death. But it isn’t just about how much money you leave for your loved ones. It’s about the increased impact in our daily decision making. It’s how we show up. It’s about what we choose to talk about and what we avoid. It occurs through every interaction we have — big or small.” Therefore, it’s more meaningful than simply creating a financial “legacy.”

We make an impact every day, and we have complete authority over it.

Leaving a legacy isn’t just for “rich people” with large estates, some making a large donation to an organization, school, or charity for example. This large donation might earn them their name on the front of the building. But what is it other than just a name? That’s not a legacy.

Instead, making our daily lives about showing up for someone, having meaningful conversations, and devoting our time and attention to someone, can leave a lasting, positive impact on that individual’s memory.


Don’t just leave a legacy – Be a legacy.

How much money you leave behind to impact future generations is one way of leaving a legacy. That’s just a bonus. It’s more about how people will remember who you were and what type of person you were while living.

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