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5 Ways to Save on Your Next Adventure

How to avoid unnecessary spending on your next trip

While in quarantine, you may have just saved some extra cash and are itching to get out.

Now that parts of the country and world are open again, we are sure you are anxious to go on your next great adventure. Before you do, it’s a good idea to explore the different ways you can save on unnecessary or costly expenses.

Truth is, more people of all income levels are still making travel a priority and the industry has adapted accordingly by making travel more accessible.


When creating a list of potential travel costs, accommodation can easily take up most of your budget. Luckily, there are many alternatives to the traditional hotel. Many are renting RVs, motorhomes, and camper vans. If you really want to do it rogue, consider popping a tent and camp out. Some campsites are free or charge a minimal daily fee under $50 a night.

Dining & Eating In

Restaurants are open again, but many are still hesitant to dine out. If your accommodation allows, opt to pack groceries and dine in instead.

You can pre-cook meals at home, freeze them, and pack them in ice on your road trip. Be sure your accommodation has a fridge and freezer, microwave, and a stove for small meal preps.

Exchange rates

Whether you are driving from the US to Canada or going farther abroad, take the extra time to determine where you can exchange money for the local currency. Typically, airports and hotels charge you a higher fee to exchange your currency than if you went to a nearby bank. Use this exchange rate calculator to determine how much US dollars you will need to use. Keep in mind that on top of the currency exchange rate, you will most likely encounter a fee charged by the bank to process the exchange as well.

Make a packing list

Do not underestimate the power of being prepared and packing only what you need. Seemingly small expenses like sunscreen, mosquito spray, comfortable shoes (even if they are not the most stylish), and toiletries can add up. Creating a packing list can help you save luggage room and cash.

Price comparing airlines

Yes, people are still flying during this pandemic and airline tickets are dirt cheap right now. Just follow the new COVID-19 safety protocols enforced by the airline. If you are flying, there are many online resources where you can price compare flights for your desired dates. Or better yet, be FLEXIBLE on the time and dates to travel. It can be more expensive to fly out on certain days of the week or it may cost less to take a layover. The more flexibility you give yourself, the higher potential for savings.


Now that parts of the country and world are open again, you may be itching to get out and go on your next great adventure. Before you do, prepare and plan ahead. Whether it is by double checking the weather at your destination or price shopping for a better deal, there are ways you can avoid extravagant and unnecessary travel costs.

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