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4 Simple Ways to Make Saving More Fun

A little creativity can take the boredom out of saving.

Save money. We all know we’re supposed to do it, but it isn’t always as gratifying as spending money. All too often it becomes a dreaded task that we procrastinate on. However, with the right attitude and a bit of creativity, we can spice up how we approach our responsibility to save.

Here are some simple ideas to make saving money less of a chore or bore:

  1. Splurge or Save? Both. Do you just need to get your hands on that new pair of sneakers? Every time you give into a splurge, put that same amount of money into your savings account. $150 may look good on your feet, but it looks even better in your savings account. If you are going to treat yourself, earn it by setting aside the same amount of money that you will spend on the item you have your eye on.

  2. Create a visual of your goal. Write down you goals on paper or somewhere you will see it every day. One idea is to draw a thermometer on a dry erase board and put it on your fridge. Write your savings goal for the year at the top and set monthly targets to measure your progress along the way. Watching that line inch further up can keep you motivated and help you be more aware of your money.

  3. Make it a competition. Getting your family or friends involved can keep you focused, disciplined and accountable. You can compete to see who can save the most money or who can go the longest without splurging. If you have a competitive nature, this may be a great way for you to meet your goals and hold others accountable too!

  4. Put it on autopilot. Update your paystubs to directly deposit your desired savings amount straight into your high interest savings account. This way, you already save before you spend. Keep your savings account at a separate financial institution from your checking account. This may not be a “fun” way to save, but it is efficient.


If your goal is financial security, saving money is not optional. How creative you get with the process is. There are so many unique ways to save money, find one that works for you and stick with it.

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