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We like to keep things simple.

Life can be complicated enough. Your money shouldn't be.

We believe that when your personal finances become easier to understand, meeting your life's many benchmarks becomes attainable.


Your life milestones are too important not to discuss.

We all have those days where you can’t see past dinner time, let alone plan for 20 to 30 years down the road. Perhaps a financial plan of action is in place for the next month or year, but after that your plan is a bit hazy or your needs are more complicated.

How do you start that dialogue about future plans and simplify these needs?

We're devoted to providing the tools to help you take control of your financial path and set goals into action by designing a strategic plan around them. This doesn’t mean the plan won’t change; these strategies are about getting you to a place where you feel confident that you’re going in the right direction for the long haul.

Whether it’s preparing for marriage, starting a new business, having a baby or any major life benchmark, significant life changes require financial preparation.

Let’s start the conversation today to plan your tomorrow.



Founded Oct 2013.

Capital Benchmark Partners, LLC was founded with this mission in mind: Make financial planning straightforward and accessible for clients of all income levels.

Like most situations in life, financial success is relative. In the investment world, a benchmark is set as a measuring stick to determine how well a particular investment is doing relative to it. So, when it comes to your personal finances, you have to set your own benchmark to gauge how well you’re actually doing. As your life changes, we will work together to make adjustments to your financial plan where necessary.

Our services extend well beyond recommending investments. Our goal is to make financial planning easy for you to understand, follow, and execute so that you can confidently live the lifestyle you want.



Helen Ngo, CFP®

Founder & CEO

Headshot lg.jpg

While growing up, I knew three things I wanted for certain:

  • Build a career around helping people succeed.

  • Learn to be financially independent and secure.

  • Have my own business so that I never have to ask for vacation or sick days.

It became clear to me that a career in financial planning would allow me to meet those goals.  I love that it's my job to learn about the "money world" and utilize the information for my own personal planning and sharing it with my clients, family and friends, but do it in such a way that they can easily understand and benefit too. As they grow, I see myself grow.

Having worked in the financial industry for a decade, I’ve seen a lot of good and bad. What I have learned to be most important and strive to do in my own business is this:

 Service the heck out of my clients and set clear expectations.

I genuinely enjoy meeting new people and seeing how I can help them grow. I know I’ve done my job well when a client considers me more of a friend than an advisor.


  • Bachelor of Arts - Economics & Mathematics (Emory University)

Professional Designations


  • Life & Health Insurance Licensed

Community Involvement

  • Advisory Committee Member for the XY Planning Network

  • Lead Host of Professional Development Book Club for Financial Planners (XYPN)

  • Treasurer on the Dream Warriors Foundation Board

  • Former member of the Emory Alumni Board, serving as the Career Center Liaison

Alisa Foster

Associate Financial Planner


After years of observing her generation struggling to stay afloat amid financial burdens, Alisa decided to transition into a role where she can help people achieve their financial goals. While her academic background lies in communications, she now eagerly utilizes her experience in newer horizons. Driven by helping others succeed, Alisa discovered the rewarding profession of financial planning.  

Alisa is dedicated to changing the way people think about money and helping them achieve prosperity. She is a firm believer that with a grain of guidance and an abundance of commitment, anyone can take small steps to improve their financial situation at every age. Alisa strives to help people break their habit of self-doubt and empower them to become financially literate and independent. 

In her role as an Associate Financial Planner, Alisa assists in managing client relationships and expanding our firm's outreach in the community. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling and trying new foods.

Education: Bachelor of Science – Strategic Communications with an Emphasis in Public Relations (Northern Arizona University)  




Chief Morale Officer

In September 2018, Mochi joined our team as the CMO. She makes sure we stay in high spirits and maintain our optimism during good and bad economic times. Besides chasing away bear markets and pursuing bull markets, Mochi is responsible for keeping us safe and sane during long work weeks, especially tax season. In her pastime, she plays tug-of-war and takes long naps.