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Specific Needs, Specific Solutions

Retirement doesn’t mean you stop working; it’s simply another point in time when you want to make a lifestyle change. You may want to explore a new career, a hobby, spend more time with your family, or even start up a new business. Some people retire at 40 and some at 75. Some people never retire at all.

I work with my clients to define the lifestyle they want in “retirement" and make sure your money outlasts you - not the other way around. We make planning for retirement less stressful.

Here are some common retirement questions and sentiments my clients share:

  • Will I be able to retire comfortably? How much income do I need during my retirement?
  • I’m not sure what I want to do in retirement. It’s so far away, but I know it’s important to plan.
  • How much will I get from Social Security? What about my spouse? What taxes can I expect to pay on it?
  • I’m retiring within 3-5 years. I don’t think I saved enough for it, but I still want to retire. What can I do?
  • How much money should I pull from my retirement accounts (401(k), IRAs, pension, etc)?
  • Am I going to run out of money during my retirement?

 Let’s plan together to take out the “what ifs” so you can know “what will be.”