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Financial Planning is a process and it's our priority to build an easy-to-follow road map so you are confident that you'll actually get to where you want to be. We customize every financial plan based on each client's needs, style, and goals. More importantly, we make sure the financial plan is nimble to adjust as your life changes.



Choose from 2 different levels of service options and receive on-going financial planning.

Best if:

  • you want a longer-term relationship in which you receive on-going guidance and scheduled financial health check-ups.
  • you need continuous accountability.

Get a few of your dire financial planning and investment questions answered.

Best if:

  • You have a pretty strong grip on your finances, but still want a professional's advice for reassurance.
  • You want advice only on an as-needed basis.
  • You don't need continuous accountability.


Receive investment advice and/or asset management services.

Best if:

  • you're not exactly sure how your investments and retirement accounts are performing and need guidance on how to better align your portfolios to meet your financial goals

Contact us to receive a list of our specific services & fee schedule.


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Engage & Discover


30 Min Intro Phone Call Meeting.


1.5 Hr Discovery Meeting (in person or virtually).

What You Can Expect

  • Discuss your goals and provide your financial information and data for analysis.
  • Relationship expectations are defined and set.
  • Choose a consulting plan and pay engagement deposit.

Design & Implement


We prepare the financial plan and deliverables.
Usually takes 1 - 2 weeks (depending on case complexity)


1.5 Hr Implementation Meeting (in person or virtually).

What You Can Expect

  • Client walk through of financial plan and investment strategies with specific action items.
  • Schedule future follow up Service Calls and Financial Plan Review Meetings.

On-Going Guidance


(repeated as necessary)

[Quarterly 25 Min Service Calls] + [Semi-annual 1 Hr Financial Plan Review Meeting].

What You Can Expect

  • We make sure you are on track to meet the goals we set and are still able to and follow through with the course of action.
  • Adjustments to plan are made as needed.