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As of 6/8/2018

Open Positions

Associate Financial Planner


 Employment Type: Full time


  • Hourly rate commensurate on experience
  • Non-commission
  • Eligible for annual bonus after one year of full-time employment
  • CFP® fees covered, if candidate desires to acquire the designation


  • Negotiable for health insurance and retirement account
  • Unlimited vacation and sick days


  • Prior financial planning experience is not required.
  • Must be proficient in Microsoft Excel, Word, Outlook, Adobe Acrobat, and Google Apps for Business.
  • Bachelor’s degree required.
  • Applicants must be able to pass a background check.
  • Must be able to commute to our office in Atlanta, GA. Telecommute on a very limited basis.


Prior financial planning experience is not required since the candidate will be trained one-on-one with our Senior Financial Planner daily. Mentoring will be provided to promote skills for excelling in the position, contributing to the business beyond standard job functions and developing in the role of delivering financial planning advice directly and managing on-going client relationships independently in the long term.

If the candidate does not already have a CFP® designation, the firm will provide resources for support in acquiring the designation.

This position offers an excellent opportunity for growth in the financial planning profession. The firm strives to offer a rewarding career path, while providing valuable experience in the areas of financial planning in a boutique, professional environment.


The Associate Financial Planner is an entry-level client relationship management position that provides technical support for the firm. Responsibilities include data gathering and analysis, development of financial planning recommendations, implementation, portfolio coordination, and client communications. The position will participate in client meetings, initially not in an advice or decision-making capacity. The duties of this position will evolve over time depending on firm initiatives, and the development of specific skill sets the Associate acquires. Applicants should understand their duties may change on a day to day basis as they assist the Senior Financial Planner with projects of high priority to clients and the growth of the firm.


Email the following to :

1.       Your resume

2.       Your cover letter

3.       Your results from taking this test here (send as a PDF)

4.       Your answers to the following questions:

  • In no less than 5 sentences, explain whether you agree or disagree with the all or part of the results from taking the personality test in Step 3. Why?
  • If you had to wear one t-shirt for the rest of your life, what would it say on it? Why?
  • How is a job different from a career?